Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chemically Highlight Natural Hair?

{Jordin Sparks}
In late November, I chemically highlighted my hair for the first time since going natural.  After approximately seven weeks, my hair is doing just fine.  How do you know if chemical highlighting is for you?  Well, for one, I DO NOT recommend it unless you have thoroughly contemplated and researched the process, alternatives, and consequences.  Here are some questions worth considering before taking the plunge:

Read this previous post on the chemical process and potential damage from misuse.  Do your own research as well.

Why do you want chemical highlights?  Can the color you are seeking be achieved by healthier, more natural means (e.g., henna, honey, cinnamon)? What about temporary alternatives (e.g., color extensions)?

If your hair is damaged and weak, I recommend staying away from chemical highlights.  If your hair is healthy, are you willing to suffer any setbacks or consequences that may come with highlighting?  Split ends? Increased porosity?

Do you plan to henna after highlighting? Have you hennaed and now plan to chemically highlight?  If so, there are some factors (e.g., length of time between dye job and henna treatment, quality of henna used, etc.) you should consider.  Read this link and do further research.

Stay tuned for a post on PRECAUTIONS, MAINTENANCE, ETC.
{Highlights achieved with a semi-permanent commercial dye.}
WHY I DID IT: I'm an artist at heart, and one of the ways I express myself is through my hair.  I was an avid highlighter before going natural but played it safe after the big chop through now in order to achieve certain health and length goals.  Now that I'm at a comfortable length, I am willing to take a risk and return to highlighting.  The color I chose is a dramatic, loud red versus the subtle, deep red that henna produces.


Nyachomba said...

Hi...I love your blog and wish my hair could be as thick as yours...thick fat juicy twists. I have been contemplating on highlighting my hair just been so scared of doing so because I am a big henna head.
Thanks for posting this

Loo said...

@Nyachomba Kariuki: Thank you, and you're welcome!

Jc said...

Wave to Nyash - nice to 'see' you here!

Loo - I am looking forward to the maintenance post. I am paranoid about hair colour having lost all my hair the first and last time I tried it

Loo said...

@Jc: I know the feeling and was paranoid for a while, too. :o) I should have the maintenance post up next week.

Nyachomba said...

@JC...WAVES!!! Fancy seeing you here. I think sometimes during your hair journey you get a bit bored and I am trying not to get scissor happy and maybe dye my hair...@Loo looking forward to the maintenance post