Thursday, April 19, 2012

Twist Series: Loose Twists Tutorial

Loose twists, which were officially introduced on the internet by Cipriana of, are becoming the big rave these days.  What are they?  They are basically two-strand twists done very loosely.  One of the major benefits of doing loose twists is that it takes less time to do than regular twists.  One drawback is that the style ages faster, but that may not be a problem if you love frizzies or re-stretch the twists periodically.  I have toyed with trying loose twists but haven't gathered up the courage to do so yet.  Below is a video tutorial of the style by youtuber Alicia James.  For more on the loose twist regimen, check out

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LaNeshe said...

That's great! I need to try those.

Loo said...

Let us know how it goes! :o)

Noiree said...

I need to try this too, thanks for sharing, I was literally combing urbanbushbabes website for how to do the loose strand twists!!

Loo said...

You're welcome! Let us know how it goes. :o)